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Sports Betting Tips Explained

When you predict the expected score of a sport activity and actually place a wager on the outcome, then that’s referred to as sports betting. There are a number of sports activities on which bets are placed such as American football, hockey, association football, basketball among many more. There are different sports betting wagers which experienced betters are familiar with but for beginners can be confusing. Some type of wagers are complex than others but they are all easy to understand and its recommended for beginners to learn about them all early enough Starting with the most common type of wager is Win Bet or money line wager which draws is popularity from the fact that it can be used in virtually all the sports that you can possibly bet on. It involves choosing a team that you predict will win, given the odds of either team and maybe even possibility of a draw. For the given teams, you can choose to place your money on the team that appears more of a winner to you or you can even place it on a draw if you think it will be the outcome. Point spread wager or straight bet is a common one too, usually in football and basketball games but can also be used for a wide range of other sports too. The main idea in point spread betting is placing the bet not directly on the team you expect to win but on the team you think will cover the spread. The spread is made by the bookmaker making the participating teams appear equal for betting purposes. It’s the size of the spread that determines how many points are awarded and deducted. Point spread becomes pretty straightforward because it means when you support a favorite, you mean to have them win by a margin greater than the spread size and when you support and underdog, you mean to have them win or lose by a margin that is less than the size of the spread.

Another type of bet is handicap that involves addition and deduction of points just like in point spread. The real reason for the awarding and deduction of points in handicap betting is all about presenting different options for betting purposes. Totals and over-unders are very popular and are available on a wide range sports whereby the bookmakers sets a line for the total number of points, goals or runs to be scored in a game. You are then given the option of betting on whether the actual total will be higher or lower than the line set by the bookmaker. It’s from backing either the higher or lower option that the terms backing the over and backing the under are obtained and used respectively.

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