January 11, 2019

Six sigma and mumbai dabbawala. 1. WELCOME TO SIX SIGMA PRESENTATION; 2. PRESENTED BYSandeep ManeAnkitSonam. The dabbawala are an extraordinary association of more than individuals in Mumbai. “Dabba” simply signifies “lunch box”; “walla” implies. abstract dabbawala are people in mumbai, india, whose job is carrying and delivering dabbawalas has achived six sigma with their commitment honesty and.

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Bhargava Book Depot, pp. Both Swiggy and Runnr, two leading tech-powered food delivery companies, have tapped the dabbawalas for their expertise. Because I was Indian, they displayed saris all over the auditorium to show the impact of Indian culture on them.

BBC – Future – The unsurpassed year-old network that feeds Mumbai

On arrival dabbas coming from all over the city are sorted again before being loaded onto bicycles and handcarts for the final leg. The markings include the railway station to unload the boxes and the destination building delivery address.

Each month there is a division of the earnings of each unit. Even Richard Branson has spent a day learning their secrets.

And today, they write a proper code with details siix the source, destination and all the dabbawalas involved in that particular delivery. So due to such Flat kind of organization structure decisions are taken on the spot. We now take look in the routine course of action Dabbawallas i. Optimize Determine process capability. They are unhappy that that one error has occurred.


By using Six Sigma, a business can set up a team of experienced employees from all levels within the organisation and from every functional department.

World class logistics operations: Almost all of these men hail from a small village a couple of hours outside of Mumbai and because of the small town nature of things, almost all are somehow related. Dabawala was started in by one Mr. A collecting dabbawala, usually on bicycle, collects dabbas either from a worker’s home or from the dabba makers.

And, do you really know what your single customer need is? They were told to go to Delhi and collect it.

Mumbai Dabbawala: Customer Service Excellence of Six Sigma QualityWithout Technology

Clean, full of sky scrapers, bustling, and largely friendly. There are two reasons. I dabbawlaa very proud to have written a book called Masters of Supply Chain Management on the dabbawalas. I was asked one question, suppose my customer was on the moon, how will the Dabbawalas deliver the tiffin? Dabbawala Gangaram Hemade agrees: Retrieved 2 May — via Internet Archive.

I asked one customer, what he thinks about the dabbawalas.

Dabbawala – Wikipedia

Design Identify functional requirements. Being a part of Dabbawallas, you are actually nurturing Marathi culture. Homemade food is cheaper. Category Commons Mumbai portal. Also Team work is the key aspect of their inner self-satisfaction proved by research.

The unsurpassed 125-year-old network that feeds Mumbai

It was all informal and individual effort in the beginning, but visionary Mahadeo Havaji Bachche saw the opportunity and started the lunch delivery service in its present team- delivery format with Dabbawalas.


The dabbawala then takes them to a sorting place, where he and other collecting dabbawalas sort the lunch boxes into groups.

Just In Mumbai Dabbawala: Lunch boxes are marked in several ways: I asked the head of the organization how often they made a mistake. June 15, at 8: The Dabbawalas of Mumbai. Dabbawalas have marked its presence in the world this way, these guys are incredibly awesome, so much accuracy with almost no technology is incredible. Usually a bicycle or in long wooden creates carried on the head! Similar start-ups are gaining popularity in India too.

Most dabbawalas are quick to dismiss their new digital rivals. In40, meal workers went on strike.

Dabbawala then gave me an example of a teacher, who earns only Rs per month as a government rule. Agrawal points out that many dabbawalas are over 50 and there is no retirement age. Because, Dabbawala have to pick up tiffin boxes from various distant location in his area. Pawan Agrawal – Mumbai Dabbawalas”. This media cannot be played on your device.