December 6, 2018

Reporting Essentials for MicroStrategy Desktop · MicroStrategy University Bibliographic information. QR code for MicroStrategy Desktop: Reporting Essentials. MicroStrategy Desktop: Reporting Essentials. Prerequisite to all MicroStrategy Courses. First Course in the following: Certified Project Designer Program. The MicroStrategy Desktop Reporting Essentials Training course provides Participants with an overview of the extensive reporting capabilities of MicroStrategy.

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Familiarity with SQL will help in fast learning. Advanced Reporting for MicroStrategy Developer: Mobile for App Developers: Systems Thinking, Third Edition combines systems theory and interactive design to provide an operational methodology for defining problems and designing solutions in an environment increasingly characterized by chaos and complexity.

Reporting Essentials for MicroStrategy Developer

Practicing consultant and adjunct BI professor Rick Sherman takes the guesswork out of creating systems that are cost-effective, reusable and essential for transforming raw data into essentails information for business decision-makers. This new edition has been updated to include all new chapters on reportkng systems as well as holistic, operational, and design thinking. From Data Integration to Analytics shines a bright light on an often neglected topic, arming you with the knowledge you need to design rock-solid business intelligence and data integration processes.

From Data Integration to Analytics. Reporting Essentials for MicroStrategy Developer: MicroStrategy Desktop has a wealth of sophisticated reporting features designed to enable you to create almost any type of report.

MicroStrategy Tutorial

Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Provides practical guidelines for building successful BI, DW and data integration solutions.

Managing Microstrategg and Complexity: The students will learn about topics such as connectivity, security, authentication, in-memory storage, clustering, and MicroStrategy Health Center. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. MicroStrategy Mobile for App Developers.


MicroStrategy Desktop: Reporting Essentials – Google Books

A companion website is available at interactdesign. Includes the complete project development lifecycle that can be applied at large enterprises as well as at small to medium-sized businesses Describes best practices and pragmatic approaches so readers can put them into action. It is recognized as a visionary by Gartner Magic Quadrant. Before proceeding with this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies and Data analysis.

You should also have some knowledge on various types of graphs and charts. In addition, it will also be quite useful for those readers who look forward to become a Data Analyst or a Data Scientist.

This tutorial is designed for all those readers who want to create, read, write, and modify Business Intelligence Reports and dashboards using MicroStrategy Desktop. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Flowing text, Original pages. Four NEW chapters on self-organizing systems, holistic thinking, operational thinking, and design thinkingCovers the destop crises in financial systems and job markets globally, the housing bubble, and the environment, assessing their impact on systems thinkingCompanion website to accompany mjcrostrategy book is available at interactdesign.

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Add to Wishlist Free Ebook. Students will also learn about the tuning and essenhials basics of managing Intelligence Server memory usage. Without this knowledge, Big Data is belittled — projects flounder, are late and go over budget.

Features such as highly micrpstrategy reports, ad hoc query, thresholds and alerts, and automated report distribution makes MicroStrategy an industry leader in BI software space. The book covers recent crises in financial systems and job markets, the housing bubble, and environment, assessing their impact on systems thinking.


Explains underlying BI, DW and data integration design, architecture and processes in clear, accessible language.

You will have the information you need to get a project microstrtegy, developed, managed and delivered on time and on budget — turning the deluge of data into actionable information that fuels business knowledge. Companion website includes templates microsrrategy examples, further discussion of key topics, instructor materials, and references to trusted industry sources. MicroStrategy is a Business Intelligence software, which offers a wide range of data analytics capabilities.

This course explores some of these options with the goal of equipping you to take advantage of them in your own projects.

microstfategy After reading this book, you will be able to design the overall architecture for functioning business intelligence systems with the supporting data warehousing and data-integration applications. Configuration and Security course provides an overview of the administrative tasks involved in configuring and securing a MicroStrategy environment and all the administration tasks a MicroStrategy administrator usually performs.

It can connect to data warehouses, relational systems, flat files, web services and a host of other types of sources to pull data for analysis.