November 25, 2018

3 Feb Anondo Gaan – The Blog of Hindi & Bengali Song Lyrics & their English . Saraswati Puja Mantra – Bengali Ritual-Lyrics & Translation. 16 Feb Saraswati Puja (In collaboration with BAGN, Nashville, TN). 4. meaning of the mantras used in common Bengali Hindu puja rituals. A book. Saraswati Puja Mantra Saraswati Mantra In Hindi Saraswati Mantra Saraswati Vandhana Saraswati Mantra In Bengali Saraswati Mantra In Assamese.

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Pages 93 – Cyber Grandparents, project leader. But I feel immensely satisfied to tell them my own story of how I came to depend on my Invisible Care Taker who was always beside me when I needed Him. Aim is to connect to your source on this day — Facebook Comments. Hindu students at universities were disappointed benngali the local temple priests who could not speak their language English or explain the meaning and significance of the rituals.

No questions were asked. You can offer any other yellow sweets. Now I am 86 years old. I am grateful to the World community of open minded spiritual seekers, Hindus and non-Hindus, to provide support for this humble endeavor of mutual understanding. So I moved to science and technology for a better future. Unlike the children growing up in India, children in the west are constantly challenged by their neighbors, peers, friends and teachers to explain the basis of Hindu faith and belief. I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm.


Fifteen such booklets will be published during the next three years. Yet, the soul of my ancestors never left me and I had to perform pujas upon request from time to time. Page 1 to 3.

A book like this is desperately needed as both the language used in the rituals, Sanskrit, and bengalj script in which the rituals are transcribed, Bengali, are both foreign to these children and their parents. Important things keep in mind during Saraswati Puja celebration: Pages 26 to 47 – Preliminary Puja Procedures. Contributors Priests Kanai L. Page 9 – Frequently Asked Questions.

Pages 48 to 71 – Primary Puja.

Saraswati Mantra

Pages 10 to 25 – Invocation Manrta. Page 4 – Contributors. I started to perform puja rituals soon after receiving my sacred thread at the age of twelve. Pages 80 to 92 – Addendum. The essential Puja Items Puja Samagri or puja ingredient used during this puja are. Moreover, this festival is observed during different times in different parts of India. I was born in a priest family.

But, like all other professional priests, I had no knowledge of Sanskrit, the language of Hindu Puja rituals. In addition, in my childhood days under the British rule, learning of Sanskrit was looked down upon and Sanskrit scholars remained obscure.

Saraswati mantra with prasad of sweet Saffron rice are advisable. Priesthood was our family trade.

Celebrate it by using more of Yellow color in wearing and decorating also. Aim is to connect to your source on this day —. This Xaraswati never faced when I was growing up in India s. The community was satisfied with the ignorant professional priests as they devotedly watched Hindu rituals while praying in their own ways.


Worshipping Goddess Saraswati is not only for education but for impressive communication, clarity of mind, right decisions, peace of mind, wealth and all other materialistic benefits also.

This Puja is celebrated in the month of phalgun month this year on Monday 22 January till next-day morning Jan 23 Tuesday, and puj celebrated popularly in the eastern region and is mostly celebrated by the youth in Universities, Colleges, schools, IT Firms etc. We were trained to hear and remember sruti and smriti and stay away from explaining.

I am not worried whether my grandchildren are believers, nonbelievers, agnostics or athiests. This book is the bengal of that call.

Enjoy it by chanting, singing, dancingmeditating. Spirituality has many facets that accept the natural diversity of the human mind.

The problem saraawati with my grandchildren, the budding new generation of the twenty-first century. Page 5 – Contents. Pages 72 to 79 – Benedictory Prayers.

Saraswati Mantra | Mantra In Bengali Hindi Assamese

In south India, this puja is celebrated during Navratri, which is also called the Mahanavami day, also observed as Ayudha puja and Saraswati puja. They will then compile into one final book after we receive the feedbacks.

Page 6 – Introduction.